Urban planning

The C.T.V. Immobiliare makes use of the collaboration with technical firms in order to offer total assistance for the purpose of the sale. All the documentation relating to the property is examined, in the first instance, by the staff of the agency, verifying the legitimacy and compliance of the building permits, cadastral certificates and accessibility, and then relying on surveyors, engineers and architects for any changes and / or additions should be necessary for the definition of the sale itself.


Thanks to the collaboration with the most accredited notary firms, the C.T.V. Immobiliare accompanies the customer up to the notarial deed, guaranteeing the full legitimacy of the purchase.


90% of real estate purchases, especially for “first home” residential use, are supported by a mortgage, the C.T.V. Immobiliare accompanies buyers in all phases of financing by relying on classic credit institutions and financial promoter platforms to identify the most suitable product for the customer’s needs.


For the promotion of the properties acquired, we rely on the widespread advertising of all the dedicated portals (, Casa.It, Idealista, Subito.It etc.) as well as a targeted service for sending emails and crossovers between offers and requests.

Real estate valuation

The acquisition of a property is the most demanding part of the real estate agent’s job, before being able to advertise it, a careful urban planning / cadastral examination must be carried out in addition to the origin and continuity of the property. For the evaluation, we rely on both the experience of the agents and the area comparisons and, albeit marginally, the OMI Values ​​of the Revenue Agency.